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About SoundCloud

SounCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform. It’s an online audio distribution and music streaming service, where a user can upload, stream, share and download the audio, songs and podcasts. Since its founding in 2007, SoundCloud has gained a wide popularity among the new artists. At SoundCloud, they find it very convenient to record, stream and promote their creation directly to their fans. It also offers two types of subscription based service that is - SoundCloud Pro & SoundCloud Go.

About ScloudDownload - A SoundCloud MP3 downloader

ScloudDownload is simply a free online app that lets anyone download and save the audio, music, songs & podcasts from SoundCloud to your device directly into the MP3 format. Furthermore, apart from downloading, it also allows you to listen and download those songs which are not available or restricted in your country.

SoundCloud Downloader App

How SoundCloud Downloader Downloads Any Audio into MP3

SoundCloud downloader takes the input as URL and outputs the direct CDN link of the Song into an MP3 file. These files can be downloaded for free and saved to any device, which are accessed even offline without the internet connection. ScloudDownload website does not keep any song at it’s own server.

How to download and save the song into MP3 from SoundCloud

Soundcloud’s registered users can download only those tracks which have the permission from it’s uploader. So, SoundCloud doesn’t allow every music or song to download and save it to your computer and smartphone. In that situation the SoundCloud downloader app or website comes as a pretty handy tool which is absolutely free and easy to use. This website is currently limited for downloading the single tracks only. In future, new features will be added to download any set or playlist on SoundCloud.

Here's a quick guide about how to download any Song into MP3 from Soundcloud.

Step 1: If you've found the audio file on SoundCloud that you are looking to download then your first goal should be to obtain it's direct URl link.This copied link would be used on this website to download the track. Simply, copy the URL link from the browser or you can click on the “Copy Link” button given under the track panel as illustrated inside the picture below.

Copy SoundCloud Song URL Link

Step 2: Next, Open the SoundCloud downloader website and paste the URL link into the given form input area. Followed that hit the download button. This will take you to the new page.

Step 3: In the redirected page, you are presented with direct play and listen option or you can choose to download and save the link into MP3 file format to your coputer as given in the picture below. Right click on the "Download link" and save it your device. Remember, if you provide the incorrect URL in the first step then you will be redirected to a page with an error message. In that case, Try again and make sure you have copied the correct URL and given the correct input value.

That’s it…..make sure to use the tracks for only sole purpose and respect the artist’s copyright.

Save SoundCloud Song to device in MP3